Logic + Rhythm is a technology studio formed out of years working for big tech companies. Think of us like your digital product team for hire. We help companies get their ideas off the ground by designing, prototyping, and building great software together.

Logic + Rhythm is a team of designers and engineers spread across seven different countries who are really good at building applications. We’ve spent years working in-house at some of the world’s leading tech companies. We took all the good stuff we learned with us and left the bad stuff behind. Working with us should feel the same as having hired an internal design team. We work through the hard stuff together and in the end, create something great that delivers lasting value for your company.

Working with us

Do less things perfectly

MVP, MLP—whatever you want to call it. Choose one thing and be really great at it. Don’t try to deliver a bunch of features and not exceed expectations on any of them.

Product over process

We prefer your money to be spent on us creating working prototypes and building the real product over taking you through expensive design exercises.

Work sprint by sprint

Taking a step can be impossible when you’re trying to make sense of user research, market analysis, and NPS. It’s not that complicated. Ship, learn, adjust, and repeat.

Don't forget the business goals

We understand how to balance user and business needs in order to develop a product strategy that resonates with your customers and makes your stakeholders happy.


Over the last 10 years we've shipped software at small, medium, and large tech companies such as Coinbase, Facebook, and InVision. After years of refining our skills and working alongside industry leaders, we started Logic + Rhythm, to take everything we’ve learned and help start-ups make the right decisions early on.

Scott Savarie

Partner, Berlin

Vladimir Milošević

Partner, San Francisco